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The Care Management Program with Wyoming Medicaid


Pre-Admission Screening
Resident Review

About PASRR 

PASRR refers to the Pre-Admission and Resident Review process, a federally mandated program that requires states to develop a comprehensive process to pre-screen all individuals applying for admission to a Medicaid certified nursing facility regardless of pay source. 

The purpose of the PASRR is to assess, through progressive screening, whether applicants for nursing facilities have a serious mental illness or intellectual disability and if the nursing facility is an appropriate placement. 

PASRR Manual

PASRR Resources

PASRR Resources



Xerox Fiscal Agent Web Portal

Xerox Fiscal Agent Registration

Xerox Fiscal Agent Provider Home

DHCF, Behavioral Health Division 

DHCF Division of Healthcare Financing, Medicaid

DHCF, Medicaid Rules


DHCF, PASRR State Plan Amendment Attachment 4.39 and 4.39A

                   PASRR Manual


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The PASRR Manual contains all the information you need to understand the Wyoming PASRR process.

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