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WYhealth...Get Plugged In!

The Care Management Program with Wyoming Medicaid

WYhealth…Get Plugged In! is a Medicaid program offered through Xerox Care and Quality Solutions, Inc.. Medicaid Clients and Providers will benefit from a wide array of programs. 


WYhealth…Get Plugged In!
is a program that offers free services to all Wyoming Medicaid clients.  Programs include


WYhealth…Get Plugged In! is a Total Population Health Manage-ment Program works with Medicaid providers to improve efficiency of care

November is Diabetes Awareness Month!  

9.1% of Wyoming Residents have diabetes
25.6% of those with diabetes are overweight or obese

WYhealth can help you!

Choice Rewards is a program to help you manage your diabetes... and includes incentives!

Weight Management programs are also available!

These are no cost programs offered to
WY Medicaid Clients

Click here for a Diabetes Friendly Guide to a Healthy Thanksgiving Plate

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