Weight Management

As a Medicaid Member, plug into our many programs to manage weight, diabetes, smoking, and more!  Some even provide incentives while you participate!

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Medicaid Providers

Any Wyoming Medicaid approved provider can potentially earn additional reimbursements while improving the efficiency of care for  Medicaid clients.

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WYhealth…Get Plugged In!  is a Medicaid program offered through Xerox Care and Quality Solutions, Inc.. Medicaid Clients and Providers will benefit from a wide array of programs.  

WYhealth...Get Plugged In!
The Care Management Program with Wyoming Medicaid

September is America on the Move! Month

Click Here for 25 Tips for Creating Healthy Active Habits!

WYhealth Info and

24/7 NurseLine


Women's Pregnancy Mobile App 

You don't have to be a Medicaid member to enjoy the benefits of the powerful Due Date Plus App.

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