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Patient Portal

OUR PATIENT PORTAL. We use Electronic Health Records, which allows us to communicate with our patients more easily. · WHAT TO BRING TO YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT.

Freedman Clinic

Freedman Clinic



What is the freedman clinic?

The Freedman Clinic is now the largest pure internal medicine clinic in the state of Louisiana, comprised of board-eligible and/or board-certified specialists and subspecialists in general internal medicine, gastroenterology, family medicine, pediatrics, infectious diseases, sleep medicine, rheumatology and nephrology.

How do I access the Freeman Hospital Patient Portal?

If you are searching for the Freeman Hospital Patient Portal please click the icon. To link your Patient Portal account to your electronic medical record (EMR) account, you will need a unique personal identification number (PIN). To access the Patient Portal, you will be asked for your PIN.

How do I contact freedmen’s health?

Thank you! Freedmen’s Health 220 I St NE, Suite 290 Washington, D.C. 20002 Phone: 202-683-4340 Fax: 202-588-5971

Is patient portal safe?

With Patient Portal, you can connect with your doctor through a convenient, safe and secure environment. Forgot username? Forgot password? Are Patient Portal emails being received? It has been known that spam blocking software used by email providers such as AOL and Netzero may be blocking legitimate emails.

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