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What can I do on the Quest Diagnostics Patient Portal?

The Quest Diagnostics patient portals improve the way in which patients and health care providers interact. A product of meaningful use requirements, they provide patients with timely access to their health care and give patients access to their health information to take a more active role.

How do I make an appointment with Quest Diagnostics?

Make a Quest Diagnostics Schedule Appointment online, with the online appointments system or call Quest Diagnostics phone number 866-697-8378. The appointments system is accessible on the following page, where you can make, cancel, or reschedule your Quest Diagnostics Schedule Appointment.

How do I access my information on the MyQuest Patient Portal?

In order to access your Quest Diagnostics Patient Portal, you can download the app from the Google Play store or the Apple iTunes App Store. After downloading the mobile app from the links provided above, you can go ahead and install the mobile app. Follow the steps below to access your portal after installing it.

How do I pay my Quest Diagnostics bill?

We process bills with a lab code of ZOT on, one of our billing portals. Based on your preferences, you may receive billing notices with a link to pay by text or email.

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