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The emotional wellness of our patients is very important to the providers and staff here at PNWF user icon Patient Portal · health icon Referring Providers

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Our patients are the experts of their own lives, and we are here to guide, support, and empower them as they make their own choices Many are troubled by the implications of …

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Patient Resources Support and wellness for our patients Fertility care is more than medications and procedures. The emotional wellness of our patients is very important to …



Can I review my pnwf lab results before a visit?

Other patients may use this guide to review test results before a visit with their PNWF provider. Pacific NW Fertility has a patient portal that tracks results from labs drawn by our office and the results will be released for you to view at home once available. Our office typically has a “no news is good news” policy for lab results.

How can pnwf help you?

PNWF has helped build families with a combination of the latest technology and research and compassionate care since 2005 and we look forward to helping you. Some patients excited to get a jumpstart on their evaluation may use this guide to ask their primary care provider or OBGYN to order tests before their visit at PNWF.

Why do pnwf patients have a private room?

I especially appreciate the egg retrieval set up because each PNWF patient gets a private room so you can relax before the procedure. At our previous clinic, all patients waited in an emergency-room style set up with sheets separating the bays.

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